Peiriant Llenwi Potel Awtomatig ar gyfer persawr

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Peiriant Llenwi Potel Awtomatig ar gyfer persawr

Prif Nodweddion

1, Adapt 316L stainless steel pump to fill different types of liquid.

2, The filling and capping are in one machine with low cost.

3, Adapt for cosmetic, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry.

4, Best choice machine for irregular container.

5, Adopt injection pump to fill high precision, large range of adjusting dosage.

6, The pump system don’t absorb the medicament, good chemical stability, be able to resist high temperature and erosion.

7, Low level liquid receiver, convenient to clean.

8, Filling system has the function of shrinking, no drop leak.

9, Apply to fill various viscosity liquid.

10, Special manipulator and guiding device are equipped on it to ensure the spray cap reliably fitted on the opening of container.

11, Filling nozzle is diving bottom of bottle to fill and moving up slowly, avoid foaming.

12, Magnetic moment capping system, adjust degree of tightness freely.

13, Filling Volume easy adjustment, and micro adjustment equipped for each filling nozzles.

automatic bottle filling machine for perfume

Paramedrau Techneg

Applied Bottle:10-1000ml

Productive Capacity:2000-7000bph

Filling Tolerance:1%

Capping Rate:99%


Power Supply: 220V 50HZ

Weight :800kg

Manylion Cyflym

Math: Peiriant Llenwi
Cyflwr: Newydd
Cais: Diod, Cemegol, Nwyddau, Bwyd, Meddygol
Packaging Type: Barrel, Bottles, Cartons, Case, Pouch, Stand-up Pouch
Deunydd Pecynnu: Plastig, Pren
Gradd Awtomatig: Awtomatig
Math a yrrir: Niwmatig
Foltedd: 220V / 50HZ
Pwer: 2KW
Man Tarddiad: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Enw Brand: NPACK
Model Number: NP-MFC
Dimension(L*W*H): 2600*1300*1600MM
Pwysau: 800kg
Ardystiad: CE ISO
Gwasanaeth Ôl-werthu a Ddarperir: Peirianwyr ar gael i wasanaethu peiriannau dramor
Product name: automatic bottle filling machine for perfume
Machine Name: filling machine for perfume
Math o Beiriant: Yn hollol-awtomatig
Gwarant: 12 mis
Deunydd: Dur Di-staen
Filling speed: 30~120b/m
Math o gapio: Cloi Capio Sgriw
Cyfradd gapio: 99%
Lliw: Arian
Pacio: Achos Pren a Allforir Pellter Hir