Peiriant Llenwi Piston Rotari Awtomatig

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Peiriant Llenwi Piston Awtomatig

1.This rotary quantitative filling machine, high automation, large production capacity. Stroke of the piston cylinders are controlled by PLC. Whole filling process is the perfect combination of mechanism, electricity, photics and pneumatics,which performance reaches the international advanced technology .

2.Adopts advanced mechanical and electrical integration technology.Any filling specification can easily be changed by modifying parameters in touch screen. Not only the filling volume of 20 filling heads can be changed substantially, but also each filling head can be changed finely. The computer memory can save related parameter of each kind of package specification which save time for the next adjustment.

3.During the machine running cycle, each part of mechanical drive is protected by mechanical and electrical integration. Any abnormity during running, the machine will stop automatically and alarm and touch screen shows where the problem is.

4. Thanks to the function of watertight and pneumatic protection, it is environment-friendly equipment.

Paramedr technegol

Na.Eitemau Perfformiad
01Dimensiwn y peiriant (L × W × H)2400mm*2200mm * 2200mm
02Nifer y pen llenwi20
03Maint potel addas
Uchder80mm ~ 280mm
04Amrediad llenwi50ml ~ 1000ml
05Capasiti cynhyrchu≤12,000 bottles / hour (tested by water)
06Goddefgarwch o lenwi
50ml ~ 200ml± 1%
200ml~ 500ml± 0.5%
500ml ~ 1000ml± 0.3%
07foltedd380V; 50Hz
08Pwer4.5 Kw
09Defnydd aer0.4 - 0.65 Mpa clean and stable compressed air

Manylion Cyflym

Math: Peiriant Llenwi
Cyflwr: Newydd
Cais: Diod, Cemegol, Bwyd, Meddygol
Math o Becynnu: Achos
Deunydd Pecynnu: Pren
Gradd Awtomatig: Awtomatig
Math a yrrir: Trydan
Foltedd: 380V / 50Hz
Power: 4.5 kw
Man Tarddiad: shanghai, China (Mainland)
Enw Brand: Npack
Dimension(L*W*H): 2400mm*2200mm * 2200mm
Pwysau: 900kg
Ardystiad: CE
Gwasanaeth Ôl-werthu a Ddarperir: Peirianwyr ar gael i wasanaethu peiriannau dramor
Deunydd: SS304
PLC: Panasonic
sgrin gyffwrdd: Panasonic